Steps to the successful sale of a property

1. Seek advice
A Realtor® can advise and assist you throughout the selling process, making it easier and help you get more money.

2. Before Plan to sell your property
It is important to keep your property in good condition before potential buyers see.

Here are some steps to follow:
• Touch up interior and exterior paint as needed.
• Install new carpeting and flooring if it appears worn or dated.
• Make sure the front is clean and spruced up – the appeal will create a favorable first impression .
• Trim bushes and plants as needed, and make sure that the grass is kept cut and trimmed.
• Keep the inside clean and odor free. Eliminate evidence of pets.
• Check the temperature of the rooms.
• Use lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Open the curtains to all windows to let in natural light. If your home has a fireplace, turn. Also turn on all the lights in your home, even if it is day .
• Minimize personal items such as family photos . You want buyers to see themselves living in the property .
• Consider putting excess furniture and belongings in storage. Now it’s time to clean the garage and basement and sell, give away or throw objects no longer needed.
• Consider a pre-listing inspection performed.

During the sales period
• When potential buyers visit your property, it is important to either be absent or be as discreet as possible.
• Have fresh flowers in the entrance. It makes for a friendly introduction to your home.
• If offers are made that do not match the expected for the price, do not reject it outright. Heed the advice of his agent.
• If it takes several months and has not been able to hire sales, consider lowering the price.
• Do not be discouraged.
• Help your Realtor.

3. Setting the Price
To set the correct price of a property , a Realtor takes a comparable property price that currently on the market and recently sold in your area, taking into account the unique features of your home such as location, size, Conditions property, desirable amenities and price per square foot area. This comparative market analysis is offered for free.

4. Putting the house on the market
REALTORS ® will execute strategies and programs to get the house sold. Typically this includes placement on the local MLS and as well as related marketing , advertising and networking .
The REALTOR ® produces a specific marketing plan for the property and market conditions. Then, put an ad in the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS Multiple Listing Service or, in English), where all Realtors and buyers in the market and decide to see what other strategies are necessary to make the sale.
The realization of Advertising, Open House, the use of a safe access for home buyers and networking with local Realtors and outside the city are also common.

5. Negotiation
Shoppers visit the property and if a buyer wants to purchase the property, make an offer to purchase and is performed by means of a written purchase contract. This is the starting point for negotiating the sale.
This offer is negotiated to be sufficiently attractive to both parties, seller and buyer. When an agreement of all the terms and conditions (price, closing date, method of payment, the house needs improvements) is reached, is written down and signed.
Once the contract for the purchase of a property has been accepted, a series of inspections and checks are typically required to satisfy buyers and lenders

6. Closing
The closing is a meeting at which the transaction was legally executed. She attends the closing agent, the buyer and seller (and their respective agents, depending on the agreement of sale).
The closure consists of: Transfer the money from the buyer to the seller, to verify that the title of the property is in order and is duly registered with all local records along with any existing mortgage and make adjustments to payments and credits that apply to own and what you pay buyer. The closure includes any pending transaction cost , including taxes.
The closing agent, investigating title companies, lenders and attorneys prepare all documents to confirm the sale transaction and negotiated agreements.
Finally, the seller delivers the keys to the property to the Purchaser, and the sale is completed.

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